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About Sonja Stribling

Dr. Sonja Stribling is a Licensed Clinical Faith-based Counselor, a former HR Director as well as a highly decorated combat veteran who retired as a Major after serving in the United States Army for 21 years. A master in empowering women to be resilient, this former semi-pro basketball player, and mother of three boys has had a life full of obstacles to overcome.

She specializes in empowering women to discover and use their inner POWER to ascend to the next level in their career, relationships and life. Dr. Stribling’s emulates how a Next Level Woman lives and looks like after being broken. She believes if a women can have a next level mindset, make next level commitments; creating next level actions, ultimately resulting in Next Level Living.

As the CEO and Founder of Next Level Living 7.0 Institute where her firm provides impactful results through speaking events, coaching, workshops, seminars, consulting and training through her Next Level Living System. Her motto is “Be Better After Being Broken. She is commitment to empowering Women to use every trial and tribulation to move FORWARD and not stay stuck in their hurt, pain and disappointment.

As a Divorce Coach, I help women navigate the major transition in their life. I didn’t have a guide and it was a long and painful journey. I am determined to provide tools, tips and techniques so others don’t have to flounder like I did. My style of Coaching can make it so much easier for you. I know first-hand the heartache of the divorce process. My divorce came after 18 years of marriage. “I was “in it” (the pain, turmoil, confusion, blame, guilt, etc.) for a number of years, since it took us nearly 3 years to get divorced.”

One of the remarkable surprises, and one that I totally did not expect, was who I became through the process. Pain changes us. It makes us kinder and gentler and more aware. I became all those things. I love the person I am today, and you can love the new you, too. I can help with that.

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