Thank You, Rush Limbaugh!

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Read about the good that came out of Rush Limbaugh's bold remarks!

It’s great that Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute! By saying what he did, this misogynistic ignoramus inadvertently launched public awareness on this important issue like never before. I’m sure that was the last thing he was trying to accomplish, which is exactly why it’s extra satisfying.

 To add delicious icing to the cake, Sandra Fluke has handled the potentially devastating situation with dignity, grace and intelligence.  Instead of shrinking in horror from the public attention and disgusting remarks, she rose to the occasion in a way that makes all of us self-respecting women proud. Help! Three Kids And No Sex Life

I’m sure she knows that the only person who should be experiencing shame is Mr. Limbaugh. Unfortunately however, narcissists never do. Due to the terrific illustration of backward thinking and subsequent public discussion, Mr. Limbaugh has helped more people than ever understand the essential and sometimes complicated reasons why birth control is necessary for women. The 5 Most Damaging Myths of Motherhood

In addition, the outrageous way the topic was raised aided the arguments supporting health insurance covering contraception for female students. No matter what one’s opinion on the issue is, the public is now better educated. Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh! Now, the joke’s on you! Avoiding New Mom Competition

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