From Bieber to Bag Dancing, 8 Ways To Feel Good Fast!

Buzz, Self

8 ways to get your "feel good" on!

WARNING: The act of simply reading a report like this can cause an immediate "FEEL GOOD," so please proceed with abandon!

Data collected from: highly vortextual individuals (SELF-selected).

Correlation: top 3 methods are highly correlated with a p value greater than 1 giga-bajillion (>1.0 GBJ). And that's seriously-for-reals what I would call majorly correlated.

TOP 10 FAVORED METHODS for entry into the so-called "FEEL GOOD" state include:

  1. PETS: The act of watching them roll over for treats, walking with them in nature, off leash in canyons, napping with them, watching them nap (or just before), getting kisses, cuddling...time with pets and happiness are highly correlated among nearly all subjects.
  2. DANCING: This includes but is not limited to "dancing in a free way," "dancing, dancing, dancing," "dancing to Motown," bag dancing—as in that modern thing—and trance dancing!
  3. NATURE: Contact with nature including but not limited to rivers flowing, birds singing, eagles, hawks, snowy trails...can be obtained by hiking, watching wildlife, running around trees, letting waves pound "self" in Atlantic (or any ocean), walking barefoot, seeing the sun rise or set, listening to the rain, feeling the wind on your skin, laying on the ground...on the the grass.
  4. MUSIC AND SINGING were tied. MUSIC that seemed most effective in group studied includes: Motown, Justin Bieber (really? Yes!), Pat Metheny, South African hip hop, Patrick Hernandez and Edward Maya. Further study is def. needed. SINGING was reported as loud, often to the point of causing dizziness, freq. performed in the car. Some subjects also reported a related activity that they mysteriously termed "singing, singing, singing."
  5. MEDITATION: Many different variations described, including: just "breathe" (reported by the researcher's existentialist husband), yoga nidra meditation, MEDITATION Oasis Application for Iphone, Transcendental meditation and walking meditation.
  6. So-called GRATITUDE ATTACK (where subjects apparently simply review what is good and well in their lives) is a highly efficacious activity. Subjects give very little detail but it's apparently v. good.
  7. HUGGING/SNUGGLING: Involving your honeys, dogs, cats, children and similar subjects. Sometimes done on a couch.
  8. **SEX, not otherwise specified. Also includes "thoughts of sex" "daydreaming of sex" oh yes, and then there was "delicious sex” and something that was described as "delibertately sensual passionate sex." More study of this subject is definitely indicated.

** This researcher predicts that this method is massively under-reported due to the public nature of this experiment. A smaller, un-controlled private study indicates that this method may have landed near number 2 or 3 if subjects had felt more anonymous. More study and in the mean time more sensual pleasure, are needed for all subjects.

Other subjects for finding your FEEL GOOD worthy of further study and reported in inconclusively small numbers include: monkey jammies (just putting them on!), road trips, various foods, comedic films, TV, good books—esp. Shakti Gawain and good stories.

Sarah has a deep appreciation for Nature and finds many different ways to help others connect to their own brilliance including: Animal Totems (and other shamanism based tools such as journeying and divination), surfing and forest bathing (shinrin-yoku).  First and foremost, she encourage humans to re-discover their own FEEL GOOD and follow it.  It will take you to good places!

This article was originally published at Follow Your Feel Good. Reprinted with permission from the author.