Creative Rule-Breakers Unite! 10 Signs You Were 'Born To Freak'

Life Coach: How To Tell If You're Different

Some of us were put here on the planet NOT to fit in but to ruffle a few feathers. Sound familiar?

Born to FREAK (def.):  "One who is born to see things differently and to be an agent of change. Said persons have heightened sensitivity and a certain IRREPRESSIBILITY. By using their terribly unique gifts, they return balance to the world, making it righteously better." Does this sound like you? Or are you not sure? If so, read on to learn the 10 ways you can tell if you were born to freak. 

  1. Most board games are astoundingly non-fascinating to you. Ditto for filing things and spreadsheets. Though you'll play Candyland, Chutes and Ladders for hours anyway because relationships are important to you. But still, it’s like poking your eyes out with tiny sharp Hasbro daggers. 
  2. You get so many ideas, dreams and insights that you fill notebooks, journals and shoeboxes. Sometimes these ideas overwhelm you and, occasionally one idea will excite you so much you'll surge with the power of the Universe and  make it happen.
  3. You feel a strong affinity for absurdity: Especially Dr. Seuss, certain Lonely Island videos, rainbow wigs and giraffe suits. You yearn to go to Burning Man. You admire Steve Martin. You want a LOT more cowbell.
  4. You thrive in tidy, uncluttered environments which can be challenging as you're a magpie, always collecting all that glitters... and some that doesn't glitter but seemed like a good idea to bring home at the time.
  5. Your mind conjures up things that make you laugh inside your brain…especially when it's inappropriate or uncalled for. Namely: tedious film screenings, formal luncheons, group meditations and, orchestral performances. You absolutely cannot help it. 
  6. You want to run for the hills when people mention Robert's Rules. Any rules, really. Try as you might, you have extreme difficulty remembering or adhering to most rules, laws, standards, axioms, commandments or regulations.
  7. Paradoxically, you do your best work when given a few rules, laws, standards, axioms, commandments or, regulations. But this is very difficult for you to accept.  
  8. You can see things before they happen, on your brain's inner shimmering screen — a pirate-like adventure on the high seas, a new place to transform the tribe, a different way to gallop forward. Other people often rely on you to help them see it too.
  9. You need to stand on your head in a national park, dance interpretatively to slow songs at weddings or wear very large clown glasses while driving carpool because it keeps you alive inside. Your children, friends  and chickens are often perplexed. On the best days, they join right in. 
  10. You have a more than sneaking suspicion that we can create whatever we want and some days you wish everybody understood this. It would make everything so much easier.

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This article was originally published at Follow Your Feel Good. Reprinted with permission from the author.