Time for a Break from Internet Dating?


The internet is a great place to meet people and to try to find romance. But maybe you need a break.

I'm a great supporter of internet dating. It is the single most effective way to find someone but are there times when it becomes too much? Absolutely!


1) Are you constantly checking your sites to see if you've heard from someone new and interesting?

2) Did you just go through a breakup and feel desperate to meet someone?

3) Does everyone sound boring or too similar to your ex?

4) Are you constantly feeling rejected and unhappy about looking at dating sites?

5) Are you getting addicted to easy hook-ups while avoiding greater connection?


Even people who begin with great enthusiasm may need some time off from looking online. Dating can be fun, but it can also be very difficult. Any of us can hit a slump where we've been on so long and nothing is really working out. Time away from seeking a romantic partner helps us reinvest in ourselves and our friends. We need to be reminded that we can have fun and feel valued outside of a dating relationship.

Internet dating requires that we be able to cope with rejection. Because there are so many people looking online, it becomes something of a numbers game. You have to kiss a lot of toads to find a prince. It's not unusual to have a run of bad luck; either from meeting and not feeling interested in a number of people or finding that we are not getting responses to the feelers that we put out. The best way to stay fresh and enthusiastic is to take some time off. This allows us to return to the effort with renewed energy.

It is easy to become disillusioned or apathetic when we spend too much time and effort looking for someone to date. Almost everyone will benefit from some time off and time away from dating sites. Our fatigue and boredome with dating comes through when we talk to new people and also colors our response to them. If we are depressed about dating or discouraged it's hard to be enthusiastic and fun when we meet someone new. When we are fresh, we also may be intrigued by someone who feels like nobody special when we are suffering from dating fatigue.

So take a break! Make some fun dates with your friends or lookf for ways to make new friends-that can also lead to more possiblities for romance in the future. Finish that novel, make that call to a volunteer organization, take on an extra project at work. Remember that anything that revitalizes you as a person makes you more attractive as someone potential to date.