Thanksgiving - The Energy Of Good Relationships

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Your spiritual energy system actually enhances your relationships at this time.

For years, I have proposed that Reiki is the energy of gratitude. Gratitude most nearly approximates the pure positive vibration of the Reiki energy and its required state of mind, which has also been described as a love energy.  This is the message of my book Reiki Psychology.

Love is a complicated emotion. Ask anyone to define love, and you may receive different definitions related to emotional states, behaviors, thoughts, needs, and even bodily sensations. But gratitude is a state of mind/emotion/behavior which has characteristics on which most people can agree:

  1. Thankfulness for a benefit conferred, whether deserved or undeserved
  2. The inability to experience hostility during this gratitude
  3. A prosocial sensibility to it which broadens connections between more people, and builds existing connections
  4. The sense that since one has received so much, one also has the obligation to give in return, i.e. “Pay It Forward”

I would ask that on this Thanksgiving, we consider the energy implications of gratitude associated with the holiday.

As we walk into our social situations, consider that the gratitude itself, the Thanks-Giving, is a form of energy automatically shared with all those around you. They can feel it. It flows from you. It affects them, and you, in a positive way.

Allow it to flow, knowing any benefits you have received, all your abilities and privileges, were granted to a being who may not have “earned” then. And all can be taken away, in fact, all will be taken away, in time, so carpe diem.

Be magnanimous now. Allow the energetic goodness of true gratitude to flow out of you and nourish those around you, understanding this incredible opportunity we have all been given to have and share these gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks for all I have been granted, including anyone reading this.

“May you be free of pain and suffering. May you be well and happy.”

Have a wonderful day!

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