How Meditation Saved My Life

How Meditation Saved My Life [EXPERT]

Learn to breathe easy — literally — with these five, simple steps.

First, you will experience a phenomenon known as the relaxation response. This is very good for your physical health, especially your blood pressure. Stress reduction can also save your life. It can make you more compassionate (being non-judgmental of yourself while having distracting thoughts builds kindness for others).

It can help you see when your own thoughts are so noisy that they are preventing you from seeing what is happening right in front of you. This can enhance your relationships. It may also help you become less distractible and/or forgetful. The Way to True Love is Through Self Love

While meditating, your mind will take trips to the past (things you can no longer control) and to the future (worrying about things you cannot affect now). Meditation teaches you to stay in the moment, and focus on what is right in front of you. 

In fact, if you become consistent with it, meditation can teach you to appreciate what is happening right now. For instance, as I type this, the rain is blowing through the trees outside, creating a fresh and clean aroma and a coolness that is soothing to me. I do not think I would have had this awareness if I were not a person who meditates.

Finally, meditation practice teaches you that the activity of your mind is not you. Your mind is a tool for you — the real you, your spirit — to use in life. It is not who you are. Who you are is much greater.

Through meditation, you can harness the power of your mind, just as when you exercise, you harness the power of your muscles.

I wish you days, weeks, months and years of mindfulness, good health and happiness!