Are Single Career Women More Common Today?

This article details new facts suggesting that successful single career women are on the rise.

Unlike the past, most women today are raised to get a career and support themselves.  More women than men seek out higher education.  In fact, by 2018, 47% of the labor force in the US  will be women (practically the same number as men).  So, it is no longer assumed that men will be the "providers."  Women can often provide for themselves now.  This is why there have been books and articles written by successful single women about men being unnecessary.  But just because women don't need men for their money doesn't mean there aren't many other ways they are and can be very valuable partners.

But ...back to there being more single career women these days.  Here are some factoids:

• Women today expect to have BOTH successful careers and marriages: One survey found that 67% of young women expect to hold an executive position at work.  88% expect to earn a high salary.  83% also said that marriage was an important goal.  So women are trying to be successful in 2 spheres.

• There are Less Women Who Remain Home: Only 17.7% of women remained home with their husbands as the sole provider in 2007.

• Women are More Educated Than Men Today: Today women earn more bachelor degrees than men.  They earned 59% of all postsecondary degrees in 2008 and 52.7% of all doctoral degrees in 2009.

• They are Starting to Make More Money Than Men: The median salaries of young women (under 30 and in big cities) is now 8% higher than men in their peer group. 

For the above reasons, successful career women (that I am calling "Mars women") are going to become a permanent part of the dating scene.  So, we need to understand them, their roles and their needs in dating and relationships going forward.  Are you a Mars woman or are you dating one?

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