10 Things Every Mars Woman Should Know About Dating

This article covers 10 Things Every Mars Woman Should Know About Dating, to help her stay healthy an

1. Be proud of your accomplishments.
2. The right man will support your dreams too.
3. You can pay sometimes.
4. You can suggest date ideas and give your opinion about things.
5. You can look for a man who'll do his equal share of chores and housework.
6. You can look for a man who'll share the childcare later and who will be a great father.
7. Sometimes choosing a more feminine energy man can balance you out and provide fun, nurturance and support to your relationship.
8. Other times a man as ambitious as you can help fuel your mission and understand your goals.
9. If you make more money than him, you're still a very attractive mate!
10. Men and women are from the same planet and if they get to know each other in a real way, they can work together to form balanced, healthy partnerships where each partner meets his or her full potential, at work and at home.

About this Author:
Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a licensed psychologist, author and expert whose appeared on the CBS Early Show, the AM Northwest Early Show, the Curtis Sliwa show and quoted on Fox Business, Glamour, Forbes, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health and the NY Times.  Her new book is, When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves into the Relationship of their Dreams.  Learn more on her website: www.whenmarswomendate.com !