5 Springtime Inspirations To Sexify Both You And Your Relationship

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couple kissing in spring

Think spring!

When Spring is in the air, sex blooms.

You have to prepare for the energies of Spring. it’s mating and birthing time for many animalsand humans are no different. If “As Above So Below” holds water, then when the air begins to feel lighter, the warmth of the sun opens you up, and the ideas of mating are in your dreams, you have to get yourself ready.

Here are five things you can do to prepare for Spring's delights:

1. Review and refresh your wardrobe.

Clear out the clutter. Spring’s a perfect time to de-clutter on the inside and out. Take out the things you haven’t worn in months and get rid of them. Give them away to a charity or someone in need. Buy yourself some clothes that accent the positive and give you a skip in your step.

2. Change up your hair!

How you look affects your impression on others. Sorry to say it, but the truth is, how you appear to others says a lot about you. Are you unkempt? Do bangs cover your beautiful eyes? Is your hair cut too short? Check yourself out in the mirror and do something constructive now to improve on what you have.

3. Go outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Having a little color (with the protection of sunscreen, of course) can add zest to how you look and feel. Think “glow” here. Even just exercising, being outdoors and getting ambient rays of sun can add color and life to your skin.

4. Hit the gym!

Head over to the gym or yoga studio, and start toning yourself into action. Even ten minutes of stretching or walking around the block per morning beats the sedentary lifestyle that takes away from your sexiness and will eventuallygulp!kill you.

5. Sex up your look a little.

Think of one thing you can do to feel sexier and appealing to yourself and a potential lover. Maybe it’s a push-up bra. Or new eye makeup. Or tighter-fitting jeans.

Give yourself permission to shine a bit now that Spring is here.

Dr. Patti Britton is a Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator and Master Sex Coach with top level credentials. She is the author of hundreds of articles, four amazing books and a former columnist for Penthouse Forum. Dr. Patti is a YourTango expert, popular speaker, sought-after trainer and workshop leader who blogs on her own websites and hosts over 40 DVDs for women’s and couples’ sexual enhancement.

This article was originally published at drpattibritton.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.