“Rock of Ages” ---3 Lessons for Better Sex

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Whether it's busting myths about aging, women as sexy & smart , or about gay as ok, this film rocks!

Let’s get the negatives out of the way. They can be said simply as this: The worst part of this movie and the downer is Julianne Hough. I loved her on DWTS and she even belted a good country tune on stage just after her run as a top dancer and choreographer, and as the sister of the even better dancer and choreographer Derek Hough. But she can’t act! And her singing is so canned and birdlike that it hurts.

So, now we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some reasons to go see this movie and 3 things we can learn from it for better sex:

1) Older men can still do it. ”Rock…” dispels the myth that as men age, so do their body shapes and their sexual prowess. Not so! Tom Cruise is a star power even in a silly role. I found out that he has a 4-octave singing range and he has a 5-star 6-pack abs and a killer overall form. His undulations, facial expressions and just plain sex appeal worked. He sings like a true rock star, mimicking if not topping some of the best from the real 1980’s era. He coos at the women like a fox, he dances and prances with high testosterone style, and finally when he catches his desired prey it sizzles. I not only laughed, I found myself ogling at the sexiness of a 50-year-old movie star turned rocker. Now, that’s a nice myth buster for all of you who are nearing or have crested your fifties. Tell your man: It’s ok to think like a rock star, get fit and let your hair down (or grow what’s left of it if you are a guy with a receding hairline), and you too can be a rock star in the bedroom.
2) Girls with glasses do get passes. This notion is contrary to popular 1960’s beliefs, especially if you are wearing designer sex-appeal, horny-rimmed wonders over bedroom eyes, your hair is coifed with curls trembling down your shoulders, and your perky mouth is pretty pink and ready. Yes, the toned down look of a woman in a pair of eye frames can signal a more serious and intellectual side to any siren out there. I particularly liked her plaid school-girl type of dress, her insisting on getting the scoop on her story for “Rolling Stone” magazine in her professional reporter role, and the message that even smart girls get their man. Of course, playing against Cruise may have turned up the natural pheromones anyway; but the tension between the two and the revelation of her own sexiness on top of a full head of brain gives women a lot of self confidence about being a full package with brain, personality and body, attracting the guy of their dreams. You can be that, too.
3) You can’t judge a sexual orientation by its cover or age. Yes, when Alec Baldwin dons the long hair wig, sings up a storm, kisses his bromance buddy on screen (not telling you yet) and shows his strength as a man in business going for the gold, he rocks. I loved that this icon for male sexuality (think “30 Rock”, his real-life new beauty of a young gf, his role in “It’s Complicated” playing to lure Streep back into his bed…) was more than we thought. Despite the masculinity portrayed as an aging rock maven and the long butch hair, deep throated voice and seemingly guy’s guy, he turns out to be gay. In today’s world of gender roles being blurred and sexual identity moving across a complex spectrum from heterosexual, metrosexual, transvestite, transsexual, and beyond; and by using a wide array of empowering labels that expand from GLBTIQQ, we now live in a world of sexual fluidity. Let yourself transcend labels and find your own freedom. Baldwin’s character is a refreshing while campy display of breaking new ground and keeps us smiling all the way to the finish line.

Don’t miss this fun flick at your neighborhood theaters or rent it today for a good laugh and some sexy inspiration to rock your world for ages.