Do Your Boobs Need A Makeover? Try The Gummy Bear Implants


Gummy bear implants hold their shape and hold their own among other breast implant options.

Cohesive silicone gel implants or gummy bear implants have steadily found popularity and preference among breast augmentation patients in the United States, third only to the industry favorites: silicone and saline. 

Made with denser substancemuch like that of gummy bear candies (hence, the name)than other implant types available in the market, they retain their original form even when cut or otherwise compromised.

After surgery, patients reportedly gain more natural-looking boobs, attributed primarily to the implants' teardrop shape. The silhouette allows for an easier fit and more flattering results than, say, traditional round-shaped implants.

The cohesive gel, aside from being able to hold its shape, also mimics the feel of the body's own breast tissues. Incidents of shell folds or leakages are relatively lower than using other implant types.

Of the advantages brought about by the use of gummy bear implants, perhaps the most important is a decreased risk of patients developing capsular contracture. It's a common complication for other types of implants as it causes reconstructed breasts to change shape or feel hard to the touch.

Like any other procedure, gummy bear implants come with a few disadvantages. Unlike other breast implant options, this type of implants requires an incision around 4 to 5 centimeters in length which may result to a longer surgical scar.

Should the implant shift once inside the body, it could cause a more noticeable distortion due to its teardrop shape? In such cases, surgical revision and replacement are necessary.

The cost of breast augmentation varies from surgeon to surgeon, but expect that gummy bear implants would add about $500 more to the over-all cost. Other factors to include in your budget are: surgeon's fee, facility fee, anesthesia charges, pre and post-operative care.

If you're one of thousands who consider breast augmentation yearly, the gummy bear implant has proven to patients and surgeons alike that it's distinctly cohesive gel can change the cosmetic landscape for the better.

Set up your appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon today and see if gummy bear implants are a good fit for you.