My 30-Day Orgasmic Yoga Challenge


I decided to masturbate everyday for 30 minutes for 30 days. Follow my reasons and my journey here!

I like to share that I am into my second week of a 30-day Orgasmic Yoga journey - Day 12 as a matter of fact.

I hesitated for a number of days before deciding to take the step of documenting it and sharing with you my experience.

What is Orgasmic Yoga?

Orgasmic Yoga involves pleasurable, intimate and transformative practices. When practiced regularly over time, Orgasmic Yoga can change your life. The practice sessions involve breathing, savoring, sound, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention.  

Erotic practice sessions weave together the heart and genitals. This alone is a profound reason to commit to practice. Orgasmic Yoga often produces a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this erotic trance state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom. 

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Part of the transcript:

"Orgasmic Yoga is a term coined by Joseph Kramer, who is a Somatic sex educator,  and what it means is he’s very much of a body-based sex educator; and this term Orgasmic Yoga, basically, in a nutshell, means that you masturbate everyday for 30 days, for 30 minutes - so, 30-days, 30-minutes, and surely it will make a difference even if you don’t do 30-days for 30-minutes, even if you do 15-days for 15-minutes, but the real thing that he developed is 30-minutes for 30-days.

So I made a pact with a person and I’ve decided to support her in her journey as she go through Orgasmic Yoga, and so I decided to just do it also myself and the reason is, I don’t recommend things to people that, that I haven’t done myself before and actually, I’ve done this myself – twice before, properly… properly… properly, as in 30-days. I’ve also done it another 2 times, where I didn’t really get an idea – I wasn’t serious about it – and so I didn’t really follow through and just  kind of stopped doing it after just a few days, you know? Say I was busy and things like that.

So, why 30-minutes? At first, I thought it’s also excessive, right? In Orgasmic Yoga, first, first, you need to understand with Orgasmic Yoga, it’s really about pleasure. We kind of stop ourselves from having pleasure because we, we go into how important we are; how busy we are; how tired we are; and we don’t focus on our…bringing our attention back to our bodies, and we don’t bring enough attention to pleasure. So, Orgasmic Yoga is such a practice where you keep coming back to pleasure, coming back to body, and after 30-days – there is a shift and your body starts to feel different and your connection with sexuality and with ecstasy is different."

And how did I do my first week? View this video as I talk about my first week of Orgasmic Yoga practice!

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Dr Martha Tara Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching in Singapore. She is a certified sexuality educator with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), as well as certified sexologist with ACS (American College of Sexologists). She holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality as well as certificates in practical counselling, life coaching and sex therapy. She is available to provide sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conduct sexual education workshops and speak at public events in Asia and beyond. For more, visit

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This article was originally published at Eros Coaching. Reprinted with permission from the author.