10 Things You Can Do To Create A Happier Life

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Joy is contagious.

Here are 10 things likely to cultivate happiness in your life:

  1. Practice Gratitude: When we regularly take time to be thankful for the things we have, we appreciate them more. We're less likely to take them for granted, and less likely to become jealous of others.
  2. Don't Compare Yourself To Others: You will always have friends who have more money than you do, who can run faster than you can and who are more successful in their careers. Focus on your own life, develop your own goals.
  3. Foster Close Relationships: People with three or more close friends are more apt to describe themselves as happy than those with fewer.
  4. Get Regular Exercise: There's a strong tie between physical health and happiness. Eat right, exercise, and take care of your body.
  5. Obtain Adequate Sleep: Good sleep is an essential component of good health. When you're not well-rested, your body and your mind do not operate at peak capacity. Your mood suffers.
  6. Find Meaningful Work: There are some who argue a job is just a job. When you find the work you are meant to do, it can bring added meaning to your life.
  7. Join A Group: Those who are members of a group, like a church congregation, experience greater happiness. But the group doesn't have to be religious. Join a book group. Meet others for a Saturday morning bike ride or a walk in the park.
  8. Don't Dwell On The Past: Focus on the now.
  9. Practice Moderation: Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It's okay to indulge yourself on occasion — just don't let it get out of control. Addictions and compulsions can ruin lives.
  10. Help Others: Over and over again, studies have shown that altruism is one of the best ways to boost your happiness. Sure, volunteering at the local homeless shelter helps, but so does just being nice in daily life.

"I'm strong enough to rise above most any troubled time. Today may be a mountain — but I was born to climb!"

M. Garvin, President Ascent Performance Consultants

This article was originally published at ascentperformanceconsultants.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.