Is Your Relationship Moving In The WRONG DIRECTION?

Drifting apart?

Understand how to do cope with relationship changing status and how to bounce back.

Relationships are always evolving. Understanding how a relationship crisis happens can often leave you confused. Why has he changed so much over the years? Has she? Their shared values about what they wanted and how they wanted to live was what had held the two of them together for years.  What he said regarding the way he wants to live vs how he was actually living had changed over the years. She was left feeling isolated, lonely and unloved. It was as if she hardly knew him anymore. Yet every time she thought about leaving him her body shook and her hands got clammy.

Sound familiar? Many people go through similar meanderings and stay in a compromised situation, unable to move forward. If a relationship has changedneither party is responding to each other’s needs and desires, why stay? Read the full blog on our site to learn how to get in control of a situation that may seem out of your control.