How To Guide Your Children & Limit Family Fights


Why parenting from the space of a child will help you connect with your kid.

As parents we want the best for our children yet, as children grow up, parenting becomes a battle of wills. What is the secret to cooperation? Like tuning into a radio station, we need to tune into the space of a child. We have this idea that children come into our lives as blank slates that we can write on. Not true! Your child chose this life with you for a purpose! As parents, we are here to provide the tools and life experiences so they can fulfill their purpose. 

As Maria Montessori said, "Follow the child!" Listen to discover how to guide your children to find fulfillment and emotional intelligence. As fully-expressed humans, we are part of the whole of existence. Simply immerse yourself in nature to experience this. The modern life is becoming more isolated and even fearful of nature.  This "Nature Deprivation Disorder" creates fear-based anxieties. Listen to discover fun and ‘priceless’ ways that your family can reconnect with each other and the miracles surrounding us!

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