Access Global Consciousness

Access Global Consciousness

Change yourself, see your partner as they are, and shift the Planet!

Relationship issues are one of the biggest sources of stress for most of us! Of course we try to change those around us pushing our buttons. It’s easy to see their flaws. But the hard truth is that we can only change ourselves and the way we see those around us. Trying to ‘change’ others is simply procrastination of the real work to do on ourselves! We actually project our self-image on those closest to us! When we focus on changing our thought patterns we actually radiate a different emotional space to those around us. Eventually they will either get in tune to us or just get out of our space if they aren’t willing to shift. Our space not only affects those around us but ACTUALLY AFFECTS THE WHOLE PLANET!

Learn the tools so you can shift yourself and Access Global Consciousness!

Listen to Dr. Louann’s interview on her internet radio talk show “Quantum Principles that Supercharge your Life” with Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath. Dr. McCraty will share his latest research about the effect of human emotions on the Earth’s magnetic field. Learn about the latest free app from HeartMath and access global consciousness in the Global Care Room from your smart phone. Join with others to raise human consciousness on World Peace Day September 21st. It’s easy and energizes you too!

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