Can you really 'Tap your troubles away?"


Tapping on acupressure points can help release traumatic memories, toxic emotions and reduce stress.

Can you really “Tap Your Troubles Away”?

There a song from an old musical called “Tap Your Troubles Away”.  The answer for every thing was: “Simply try putting your tapping shoes on” and “Tap your troubles away.”   Although dancing can be a great stress reliever, I am advocating a different form of ‘tapping’ to reduce stress and anxiety, and even fears and phobias.
In our workshops and in private coaching sessions we use Energy Psychology techniques that involve tapping with your fingers on the ends of the energy meridians on your face, upper body, and hands.  This is a form of Energy Psychology known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. 
Energy psychology refers to a group of mind/body techniques that can be used to help with a wide range of psychological conditions.  EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques can also be useful to promote peak performance.
The main premise that we hold is that we are all made of energy. As Einstein proposed: E=MC2.  Energy is supposed to flow through our bodies rhythmically and smoothly.  This energy flows through the body through the vibrational matrix.  On their website the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) describes Energy Psychology as “interventions that address the human vibrational matrix, which consists of three major interacting systems:
• Energy pathways (meridians and related acupoints)
• Energy centers (chakras)
• Human biofield (systems of energy that envelop the body)”
Clinicians and practitioners who use EFT and other forms of Energy Psychology often comment on how rapidly these treatments can permanently clear many of the emotionally overwhelming feelings that are associated with traumatic memories.  An article about using Energy Psychology in disaster relief describes reports of 337 clients from areas such as Kosovo, the Congo, Rwanda and South Africa who were treated for 1016 traumas. Of these, 334 clients were treated successfully and 1013 trauma memories were completely resolved.  Follow up with 105 of these clients over 18 months showed no relapses.
A large study conducted over 14 years with over 31,000 patients in Argentina and Uruguay demonstrated the successful use of Energy Psychology techniques for a variety of emotional disorders.  5000 of these patients had anxiety disorders.  The study demonstrated that patients who received the energy techniques required fewer sessions than those who received cognitive behavioral therapy.  90% of the energy group reported at least some improvement and 76% reported complete remission of symptoms.
My introduction to Energy Psychology came more than 20 years ago in which my life-long fear of heights disappeared in less than 5 minutes. You can read more about my experience at my website  It has truly been a life changing experience for me.   Since then I have used EFT with clients and students for a variety of issues such as fears of flying, water, childbirth, tests, speaking in front of a group, driving over bridges, having an MRI, social anxiety, obsessive thoughts, anger, frustration, sadness, and stress and most recently with Veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
As a member of the ACEP research committee, which is dedicated to spreading the word about these powerful treatments that people can learn to do on their own, I participated in a research project in which US veterans received 6 free 1 hour sessions of EFT in return for participating in the research project.  They were asked to fill out several forms before, during and after the 6 sessions.  For more information go to   The average pretreatment scores on the Post Traumatic Stress checklist  for the veterans I worked with was 60, well above the score of 50 -diagnostic cutoff for PTSD.  The average score 6 months after the 6 session treatment sessions  was 24.  All of the Veterans scored well below the PTSD cutoff score, and still use EFT in their lives.
EFT is also used to release negative memories, fears and beliefs about success. Even Jack Canfield, who first introduced me to tapping, uses EFT \with Pam Bruner in his Success Principles Series.
I have been teaching EFT to therapists, medical personal and people interested in becoming EFT practitioners since 2007.  It is always so gratifying to see how people can use this simple technique to improve, enhance and even transform their lives.  To learn EFT for trauma or peak performance or any of the multitude of issues that EFT can address, contact me or check out our upcoming workshops at  and find out how you can "Tap your troubles away."