Wired and Tired?


Do you know in our constant state of connecting, we have forgotten how to take it easy and just be?

Do you know that we don’t know how to take it easy? In our wired society of being connected via our cell phones, Wi-Fi, email and internet; we have forgotten the importance of just “being”. There is this urge to “do” constantly to the point that we feel lost if we are not doing something.

I remember going for a hike in a remote area, the birds were chirping, the sunshine was peeking through the forest canopy, the air smelled of pine needles and I was “away” from it all… Then I came across another hiker who was talking on their cell phone and that shattered my tranquil reflections. Somehow in an effort to connect with nature, we are still disconnected.

With all of our technologies, we have the ability to connect with people at any time, almost all of the time. This is amazing, but at the same time a vice. Why? When was the last time you ate a meal without checking your phone? Surfing the internet? Driving in your car?

As a society, we are not making time to “Rest and Digest”. Eating is a parasympathetic state (aka Rest and Digest state). Meal times used to be a time of sharing, resting and being grateful for the food and things in life that were going well. Saying grace did not serve only a religious or spiritual means, but allowed us to collect our thoughts to the present moment. This pause prior to our meal helps us switch gears—slowing down to increase our digestive enzymes and enable our bodies to optimally receive our meal.


What can you do to help yourself?

  • Make time to eat, away from your computer, desk, phone, or driving. This allows for optimal digestion so you will feel content and nourished.
  • Disconnect! Go for a walk in a park, in the forest, plant a garden and watch your food grow. Research in Japan supports Forest Bathing, the benefits of walking out in nature.
  • Allow yourself to “be”. It’s OK not to be “doing” something, when we “be” our creative juices flow and our bodies get a break to rest, digest and repair.


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