Do You Need A Technology Fast?


Remember the days past when we did not have technology at our fingertips?

What’s that you ask?  Well, we’ve heard of the juice fasts, the fruit and vegetable fasts, the liquid fasts, the “I am not gonna eat any food” fasts… but in this day and age, it may be relevant to consider a technology fast.

“But, I cannot LIVE without my iPhone, Galaxy, Blackberry, email, or fill in device of your choice” you cry out.  Hmm… perhaps it’s not something you would consider doing during the work week as we need to be reachable for meetings, phone calls and the like.  It may however be something you consider for one day on the weekend.  Like a virtual Sabbath.  Though shall not use your digital device for one day.  Try it… 


Here are the benefits:

-Peace of mind to do what you decide to do, in the moment

-Not having to answer to anyone, immediately
-Not having your reproductive organs radiated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s).  That’s right, if you want to have an easier time conceiving in the future, please keep your phone out of your pocket or at least off of Wi-Fi or GPS navigation mode.
-Having to find things the old fashioned way—maps, asking people in the neighborhood, hey you may even discover an unknown store in the area!
-Your Body will LOVE YOU!  A technology fast will allow it to be in a relaxed, parasympathetic mode.  Typically what happens on vacation or camping in the boonies where there is no cell phone signal.
-You may bond organically with your family/friends.  Remember those nights of storytelling, board games and good old fashioned hanging out?  Yeah…


You really do not need to always be engaged, texting, emailing, or reading news.  We need to cultivate the lost art of conversation, spending time physically with friends, family, or nature, reveling in the magic of silence.  For it is in those moments that great ideas come about, new insights are to be had and the creative juices begin to flow…


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