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3 Ways For Cynics To Embrace Valentines Day

valentines day

Turn your dread into delight.

Ladies, if your partner never rides the white horse but tends to bumble his way through Valentines Day, make sure you talk to him before Valentines Day. Tell him you would like to have the day be special, and plan and negotiate together what each of you can do to celebrate your love. Make some romance together!

Likewise, men, if your lady loves have announced loudly that they hates fresh flowers because they're a waste of money, decide together what you both want to do. There's still room for surprises, but get on the same horse.

If you're single, rather than let Valentines Day represent what you don't have, celebrate what you do have. You have your goals and dreams of your future for which you can start celebrating on this day of love.

May you truly have a Happy Valentines Day!


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