Creating Loving Relationships: A Weekend Workshop Retreat


Join Dr. Lisa Firestone for a workshop in Ojai, CA on creating more loving relationships

Description: This workshop will explore the actions that go into making love last. Participants will learn techniques to identify and challenge the ways they defend themselves and create barriers to genuine intimacy and explore methods to challenge their fear of intimacy. Mindfulness exercises will be practiced throughout the weekend.

Open to Individuals and Couples

When: November 8-10, 2013
Where: Private Studio Location in Beautiful Ojai, California
Instructors: Dr. Lisa Firestone and Joyce Catlett
* Mindfulness exercises throughout led by Dr. Daniel Zamir

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What does the word "love" really mean? Love is defined as 1) a noun: a feeling of tenderness, passion, and warmth; and 2) as a verb: to love — actions including expressions of affection, tenderness, and acts of generosity and kindness.

In this workshop, I, alongside Joyce Catlett, will focus on love as a verb and explore in depth the actions that go into making love last. Learning to love means becoming more aware of the way we defend ourselves against painful childhood experiences, creating barriers to genuine intimacy in our current relationships. Learning to love also involves becoming familiar with the misleading advice coming from our critical inner voice — destructive thoughts that warn us not to trust.

Participants will learn techniques to identify and challenge their critical inner voice through one- to-one interactions, selected video clips, journaling activities, numerous experiential exercises and mindfulness practices with Dr. Danny Zamir. Redefining love in terms of action and learning to look at yourself and your partner from a new perspective can benefit you personally and significantly improve your relationship.

Participants will learn

  1. What love is and what it is not
  2. How individuals choose a relationship partner 
  3. To identify the barriers to developing and sustaining love and sexual passion in an ongoing romantic relationship
  4. How the fantasy bond works in couple relationships
  5. How findings from neuroscience and attachment research add to an understanding of love in intimate relationships
  6. To identify critical inner voices that sabotage relationships
  7. Methods for challenging the critical inner voice and changing unloving behaviors
  8. How to use their relationship to further develop themselves, to differentiate from internalized negative influences and  become more the person they really are, and to be closer emotionally and sexually to their partner
  9. To use mindfulness meditation practices to become more aware of themselves and others, and to be more present when interacting with those who are closest