What Women Wish They'd Known Before Marriage

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7 things women wish they knew before they said 'I Do!'

7. I wish I'd known what it really takes to makes a marriage work. Many of these women shared the challenges they had met in the lessons they've learned along the way to help them eventually make their marriages work.


Perhaps, the young women who are not marrying even after they become pregnant are aware of what they don't know. They may be delaying marriage until they have the opportunity to mature and learn more about what they need to know to create a successful and stable marriage in the future. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of parenthood may make it even more difficult for them to learn about themselves and take the time that they need to prepare for marriage. 3 Signs He's Not The Marrying Kind

In any case, both New York Times articles show that couples who are living together split up at twice the rate of couples who commit to marriage. This leaves the children at higher risk of behavioral and emotional problems than children who grow up in a stable and secure environment. The choices these women are making may be self-protective and help them avoid difficult marriages. These choices may also prevent them from having the opportunity to grow and mature by solving the natural challenges that occur in marriage.

The information that's been shared by some of the women who answered my question suggests that they highly value the lessons they've learned in creating long-term, stable and happy marriages. If you really want to know more about what it takes to make a marriage work, my 60 minute MP3 Audio: Secrets of Relationship Development and my popular E-Book: 24 Tips for Having a Great Relationship are my gifts for you

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