Should We Live Together Before We Get Married?

Should We Live Together Before We Get Married? [EXPERT]
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Madison is not sure if she should move in with her fiancé or marry him before graduation.

I would encourage Madison to test the waters by talking this over with her parents. They may be more flexible than she thinks they are. I'll bet she has never asked them the reasons they want her to wait to marry until after graduation.

If they're open to such a discussion Madison will have to think about whether their reasons make sense to her. She could also take the opportunity to share the reasons why she wants to do things differently and hear their responses to her points. What Women Wish They'd Known Before Marriage

In a case like this, it's best to look at the possible long-term repercussions of her decision. Research shows that committed couples that live together before they marry have the same odds of being happy as those who wait to live together until after the wedding. So the real long-term problem is their future relationship with her parents.

Discussing the issues thoughtfully now could go a long way toward creating a comfortable, mature connection with her parents both now and in the future.

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