Do You Have The Tools To Find The One?


You’ve got it all. Right now. The life you dream of is yours for the taking. The problem is...

You’ve got it all. Right now. The life you dream of is yours for the taking. The problem is, you may not know it. You’ve been conditioned by your parents, media messages and your friends and loved ones that somehow you are missing an essential element to live your best life. I disagree!!!

Your Creator, the Infinite Intelligence that breathed precious life into you, did not make any mistakes with you. There’s nothing broken about you (except perhaps the mindset that you’re broken or damaged), and you were given what you need to find your One and your happiness within. If there’s a voice inside your head right now that’s telling you that I’m full of it, that I’m blowing smoke up your a**, then you just tell that voice to shut the frick up!

You see, it doesn’t serve you to listen to that inner critic and to take at face value the messages it constantly tells you that you’re not enough, that there’s not enough love, men and money in the world for you. That somehow the Universe didn’t know what it was doing when you were created.

So here’s my message for you today. I pray that you will take it to heart and trust me on this one: You have everything you need to find your One!

You have:

1. A Mind.
2. A Body.
3. A Heart.
4. A Soul.
5. Resources
: you have me and Johnny, you have spiritual development workshops and telecourses, you have personal growth books, you have experiences in relationships that have taught you important lessons about who your soulmate is and who he/she is not. All of these resources can help you re-condition your mind, your heart, your soul and your body to allow in the soulmate love you’ve always desired.

But here’s the rub: you have to take action and invest time, energy and money in YOU. In using these resources! In learning who you are, what makes you tick… and most importantly, learning the spiritual and practical principles that govern the universe and that you can apply to EVERY area of your life. This is crucial. Here in this blog, I teach a lot of them. In our upcoming Magic of Heartbreak free video series, we will be teaching some more of them. And in our Love Breakthrough Weekend Course and our advanced programs and telecourses, we share even more.

If you think that just taking one workshop 5 years ago counts, think again. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, darling, there’s more to be revealed- and more learning, growing and evolving to do in your life. Get to it!

So you truly have it all. It’s up to you to make it important enough now and do something with all the resources I’ve just shared. And then mix in PERSEVERANCE, never giving up, and you WILL have what you want! I promise.

What are YOU doing to use ALL your resources that you have been given? Please share and comment below.

“Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.”

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