You're Stronger Than You Think!


They may not think that being strong has a lot to do with love, but it does.

When many people think about love, they may not think that being strong has a lot to do with it. But it does. Or maybe they do think of strength, but in the sense of being strong and protecting yourself from being hurt.

The walls that are built to protect are the same walls that keep one from feeling their true feelings. I understand why these walls are built, but it’s a false protection, and doesn’t give one the sense of joy, peace, even security that is often what we really want.

You can live strongly without those walls -

You are stronger than you think.

“The very strength that protects the heart from injury is the strength that prevents the heart from enlarging to its intended greatness within. The song of the voice is sweet, but the song of the heart is the pure voice of heaven.” - Kahlil Gibran

I remember feeling so down, so bad about myself after making a mess of my first marriage, that I didn’t feel that I had the strength to “get out there again” and “go for love” in fact I felt that I was defeated, fundamentally flawed, and I had the evidence to prove it.

While I said I could and even would love again, deep down I was just scared, and didn’t feel I had the strength to withstand being hurt again, and scared that I would hurt another again. At some point I did wonder, though, if I didn’t love again, if I wasn’t loved again…would life even be worth living.

You CAN love again -

You are stronger than you think.

“It is truly said: It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide what to do.” – Chow Ching

I had a dear friend remind me of how far I’d come in life, all that I’d overcome just to be there, and encouraged me by saying “if you could do ___, then you can come through this, and you CAN find that love I know you want.”

So let me be that friend to you now. Think of something challenging that you’ve overcome, something that might have been tough, even scary, but you pulled through, and even triumphed. If you can do that, you have it within you.

You have within you the strength and the loving heart to attract love -

You are stronger than you think.

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men(women)! Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks.” – Phillips Brooks

Please take a deep breath, and remember…you may not be exactly where you want to be, but thank God you are not where you used to be. Your strength, faith, and love has brought you through…and will take you through from here.

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