When you become the right person, your dreams hunt you down.

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How to become an attractor for your soulmate? Here’s my top 3 suggestions!

I want you to know that I know and understand where you are at in your life. I was once there too. There was a time when I was single and in “manifesting mode”- what I mean by that is I decided to intentionally do the internal work to make the shifts and changes in ME and my core beliefs about life, love and men.

So, you know what I did? I invested in myself. More than ever before. Invested time, energy and money in BECOMING “The One”, so I could eventually and in divine right timing, attract “The One” to me. That translated to spending my hard earned money on workshops, my love coach, personal growth books and what Johnny and I call “Extraordinary Self Care”. In fact, I spent more money on myself in the two years leading up to meeting Johnny than I had EVER spent on myself before.

In other words, I created the life of my dreams while attracting Johnny to me!

Let me be clear, there were times when I got down on myself, on my life and men. I had my moments for sure! I want you to know this is normal. The key is not to give up on yourself or your soulmate and to BECOME the right person that could be an attractor for the right man for you.

How to become an attractor for your soulmate? Here’s my top 3 suggestions:

1. Become the right you, living your best life as you are in MAN-ifesting mode.

2. Learn from the right teachers- for YOU. If our message is resonating with you, join us at our brand Love Breakthrough Weekend this coming May 19-20, 2012. Click HERE to see our website for more details.

3. Don’t get cynical or skeptical about love- it’s a repellant for your soulmate. Act from faith. Know that if somebody else can do it, so can you.

Here’s to YOU, living your best life with your soulmate by your side. You CAN have it all, you know.


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