What would love do?…. Take Action!

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True love is real, especially when there is a strong intention and a focus on magnetizing love...

True love is real…it can happen and does happen, especially when there is a strong intention and a focus on magnetizing love…

“But wait”, you may be saying, “I’ve watched The Secret, I’ve been meditating and praying and looking at my vision board daily for months (years) now…and… nothing! What’s up with that?”

There’s something to be said for divine right timing…sometimes it does take months, even years, to magnetize one’s soulmate. It took me 2 years of conscious inner work to magnetize Johnny. I didn’t do this work “perfectly”… but I did have the secret to The Secret…wanna know what it is?

“THOUGHTS lead to FEELINGS which lead to ACTION in the real world which lead you to your RESULTS“.

How are your results? Are they are what you want, great! If you are not attracting what you deeply desire…get into ACTION!

Great, Lara, you may be saying…what kind of action?

…Show the Universe you are serious about your wants and desires by taking action toward them…

Some suggestions in checklist form (I just love checklists, don’t you?):

  • Start a “list”, if you haven’t already, of the traits and values and description of your ideal love partner…if you have a list, keep it on your bedside table and look over it every night
  • Edit this list weekly, even if you are repeating things, that’s okay, the key is to edit and refine on a regular basis
  • Tell the Universe you value yourself (as you want your soulmate to value you) by exercising daily, eating healthy, whole foods, drinking lots of water, daily prayer and meditation. Take good care of your mind-body-spirit.
  • Hang out with deeply connected loving couples, take ‘em out to dinner, be in their vibration…you will unconsciously model them, so pick healthy relationships (yes they do exist!)

Get closer to yourself, clear away your blocks to joy and love in yourself and save yourself tremendous effort, heartache, and time!

Have you stopped taking action recently in your quest for your beloved?

I understand, it happens to us all.

For the sake of love, for the planet, for your soulmate, for yourself…Dust yourself off and keep moving toward love!

Your Soulmate is just out of your comfort zone, out of your reach right now – are you reaching towards him/her with joy, love, and passionate expectation?

Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I believe so are you Johnny, and we’re not the only ones!

Start building those dreams on solid ground. Now.

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