What if your life as you know it was perfect right now?


It talks about being empowered as a woman and living your best life to attract your soulmate.

What if you didn’t have to “fix” anything to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?
What if you accepted this radical idea as truth and just set about living your amazing life?

This is what I’m imploring you to do, chica. 

How so? Here are some principles that I invite you to embrace and allow to sink in:

1. You are lovingly and carefully made by a kind and benevolent Higher Power.


2. You were given the priceless gift of free will and your imagination and the ability to use both of those in concert with the Divine to manifest your best life.

3. Your past experiences occurred for a reason, and that is to serve you to be ready to live your inspired life. It may not look like that right now, but I promise you when you have found your divine true love, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Hindsight IS, in fact, 20/20.


4. There is a shift of consciousness that’s occurring on the planet right now. It’s a shift to a more empowered feminine that’s more in balance with the masculine energies. And it’s not only transforming our politics, but our education, our healthcare, but our relationships too. What does that mean for YOU? That means that the more you just accept your beautifully empowered and strong self and embrace her... the more magnetic you are to soulmate love.

Here’s the deal: A woman who is disempowered is NOT attractive to a healthy, soulmate type relationship.


Keep living your best life and being your best self... get some support and mentoring to remind of you this (Johnny and I would love to help you. Check out our  free preview call on Wednesday, Oct 24: http://neversettleagaininlove.com/ ), and your soulmate CANNOT be kept away from you!

Much love to you... until next week.


“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you”