What if I Get Hurt Again?… And Other Worries

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Do any of these worries sound like you when you think about getting into another relationship?

It’s too complicated.

What if I’m not happy?

What if I make the wrong choice- again?

What if he dies?

There’s no such thing as a soulmate, anyway.

What if he cheats on me?

I’m too picky.

I’ll have to settle- everyone else I know has.

I don’t know how to have a healthy relationship.

I’m just damaged somehow.

Something must be wrong with me.

Here’s what you need to know: it’s normal to have these thoughts! It’s important that you get this. What’s also important that you know is that your thoughts are not YOU- they are not the truth of Who You Really Are. BUT- repeat those thoughts over and over again in your head or speak them aloud enough times, and they become your beliefs. And your beliefs create your reality, your circumstances.

A belief is really only a thought you keep thinking.

Have you noticed how these thoughts/beliefs often could be boiled down to one common thread: “I am not enough” or “there is not enough in the world for me”???

Studies show that we human beings have an average of 65,000 thoughts per day. 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that (!!!!)

So, your thoughts and beliefs are really just habitual. The problem is those little sneaky thoughts/beliefs create your circumstances.

If you are ready to change your circumstances, it’s time to re-frame those thoughts and beliefs so they SERVE YOU.

Here’s how: when you hear those non-supportive thoughts pop up in your head or come out of your mouth- start to dis-engage from them immediately with supportive, high vibration thoughts that embrace Who You Really Are: a loving spiritual being who was created by a loving Higher Power and who was given free will to co-create your life by the very thoughts and beliefs you embrace.

Supportive, high vibration thoughts for you:

I am enough - right here and right now”

I am deserving of soulmate love and the life of my dreams

“Kind, loving, emotionally available, monogamous men do exist”

“My past has prepared me for my amazing future”

“I am capable of attracting a healthy, loving, monogamous, life-long relationship”

“My true love will respect and adore me just as I am”

Wanna take this further? Write down these supportive affirmations on index cards and carry them around, say them aloud daily, put them up on your bathroom mirror or use them as bookmarks. I’m serious. This could change your life. I dare you to do it!

To YOU - living the life of your dreams, NOW!


“Wanna fly, you got to give up the sh*t that weighs you down” ~Toni Morrison

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