What Do Your Past Relationships Reveal About You?


No matter how your past relationships turned out, they all revealed something about you.

Truth tellin’ time, ya’ll. You’ve had some relationships. Some great ones and some horrible ones and maybe most were somewhere a little bit of both. No matter how they turned out, they all revealed something about you. Something important. Something that you can learn from and evolve from and ultimately, if you want to, be able to gather your energy in such a way that you become a powerful magnet for your true love and living your dream life with him.

I remember being single myself and after a particularly grueling break-up with a guy I had dated for about a year, I was discussing the relationship, its aftermath and it’s *stunning* similarities to other, past relationships with my Love Coach. I had just hired her, and I fully expected her to sympathize with me about what a jerk this guy was. Imagine my surprise when she firmly yet lovingly told me, “Lara, you need to remember that YOU are the common denominator in all your failed relationships”.

This really pissed me off at first. (Wait, am I allowed to curse here?…oh yeah- this is my blog!… never mind)

But, I had to admit, she was right. I’M the one who had attracted the “emotionally unavailable” commitment phobes after all. I’M the one who stayed with them way after I discovered that they were NOT my soulmate. I’M the one who tried to shapeshift myself and them into something we just weren’t, hoping something would change, and that we’d magically transform into the perfect happy couple.

Then, there came the day when my love coach had me list my past relationships on a piece of paper and evaluate them and what went “wrong”. Wow! What a powerful process that dramatically shifted the way I showed up in relationships and the epiphanies I received helped me become a more powerful magnet for Johnny.

Sooooo, bringing it all back to YOU… I have a Big Question for you.

What did you have to believe about YOURSELF to attract the relationships you’ve attracted in the past?

Comtemplate that for a few minutes- maybe even journal about it.

Now… another BIG QUESTION:

What would you have to believe about yourself to attract the life of your dreams with your soulmate by your side? Who would you have to be?

I invite you to journal on this…really write it out. Get clear on YOU and the person you’d need to BE to have what and who you desire.

And then, ask your Higher Power to give you clear signs and clear opportunities to BE that person. Now… watch the miracles unfold!

Have fun with this. See what comes up for you. And you’re welcome to share and comment below.


With love and joy,


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