Want More Love?


This powerful equation transformed the rest of my soulmate journey forever.

When I was single and doing all of workshops and classes and reading all the books that eventually helped me find my soulmate Johnny, I remember one overall message: Want MORE love? You’ve got to GIVE more love.

This always annoyed me. I mean, WTF? I remember hearing that idea over and over again in different ways and wondering how is it possible for me to give MORE of something I’m LOOKING for? Didn’t seem to make sense… and it also implied that somehow if I’m not in a healthy loving soulmate relationship, that I’m not a loving or kind person (at least, that’s how I took it at the time).

But then one day it all came together: I was at a personal development workshop and the trainer said these simple words of wisdom: “Attention equals Love”. Wow! Yep- if you love someone, how do you show it? By giving them your attention, your focus.

This powerful equation transformed the rest of my soulmate journey forever. I really GOT that at a deep core level, I wasn’t giving Soulmate Love the attention level it deserved. I was half-a**ed in my efforts. I mean, I was reading a book here and there, talking to my single friends about how we’d like to find TRUE love, and even going to workshops and stuff (but they were always free or low cost introductory workshops) and I had never COMMITTED my time, energy, and money at the higher level it needed to be at to be successful.

I mean, if I couldn’t commit that much to finding my soulmate, how could I expect him to commit to me?!?

Once I had this epiphany, things sure changed quickly! I started asking the Universe, “What else can I do to magnetize my soulmate to me?”

What about all of those workshops and classes and books I was into?? I started paying attention at a whole ‘nother level. I committed to being my best self and living my best possible life now and put more “skin in the game” by putting more time, energy, and money into loving myself and magnetizing my soulmate.

And it worked- and pretty quickly too.

How about you? Are you giving your future soulmate enough Love and Attention RIGHT NOW?

If not, what else can you do to make 2012 the year you magnetized your soulmate?

My suggestion is to grab a piece of paper right now and quickly list out 5 new and different actions you can do in the next week (yes, week) that will help you magnetize your soulmate to you. Good luck!

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