Want to Know What You're Made of?


Learning how to take responsibility for your life especially during tough times.

Look at how you handle the challenging times in your life. When the heat is turned up in your life, how do you face it?

Do you:
get angry?
become sad?
hide out in the fetal position?
numb the pain with food or alcohol or sex or… pick-your-addiction?
blame others for your circumstances?

In other words, WHO ARE YOU? Who are you when the going gets tough? Can you sit in the fire of life and courageously stare it down? Can you allow the pain, the heartbreaks and heartaches to forge you into a woman whose heart is open, tender, vulnerable and- yes- strong and powerful?

You see, how you respond during and after the tough times says everything about you. You can choose to be a victim of circumstances, and blame your ex for the issue, or your parents and how they raised you, or the government and its overinvolvement or underinvolvement in your life… you can blame _________(fill in the blank).

But here’s the deal:

Victims don’t live the life of their dreams.

Victim-minded people are unhappy.

Victim-minded people cannot consciously and intentionally attract soulmate love.

When heartbreak happens in your life (which is unavoidable), you want to use it to turn your “lead into gold”, use it to benefit you, and use it to attract the life of your dreams to you.

Take responsibility for your life and become a victor. Find the magic in your heartbreak and watch your love life turn around. Want to know how to do this? Join us for a four-part video teaching series, for free: www.themagicofheartbreak.com

Listen, girlfriend. You’ve subscribed to my newsletter for a reason. Something about what we’re sharing resonates with you. Don’t give up now. Soulmate love and the life of your dreams are really within your reach. Let us help you!

Until next time!

“Love: You’re not meant to wait for it. You’re not meant to search for it.
You’re meant to generate it”
– Rev. Michael Beckwith

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