Trumpets and Soulmate Love


What does a trumpet have to do with soulmate love?

In my world view, trumpets have elevated their stature. My 10 year old daughter Isabelle just started in her school band this year and has decided that the trumpet is her instrument of choice. And honestly? I wasn’t that excited about it when she first told me.

I had visions of angry neighbors and my own weary ears after her trumpet sessions.

But you know what?

It’s been such a blessing in our lives. Isabelle has been practicing and we’ve had no complaints from our neighbors and she’s even trumpeted a few tunes that were decipherable and lovely! And most importantly, she’s stuck to it and is feeling proud of her new skill.

But what’s a trumpet got to do with YOU attracting your soulmate?

Isabelle was willing to stick her neck out, get a little uncomfortable, maybe even look a little foolish as she practiced and as she learned the how-to’s of trumpeting. She’s no Dizzy Gillespie (YET!) but she’s giving her all and she’s willing to be uncomfortable and she’s allowing herself to get support and accountability from her trumpet teacher and she’s having fun with it.

Some days, she’s tired and doesn’t want to practice or go to band. But because she’s committed to the program (we paid for it in full and told her she can’t back out)- she suits up and shows up and the results are showing.

Here’s what it will take for you to manifest the soulmate and the life of your dreams:

1. Be willing to stick your neck out a little and be a little uncomfortable and make some “mis-takes”. Your life as you are living it is in your comfort zone. Soulmate Love is just outside of it. Go for it!

2. Allow yourself to get some support and accountability and guidance from someone who’s done what you want to do, someone who has intentionally and consciously manifested their soulmate and the life of their dreams. NOT your single girlfriends.

3. Commit yourself to a program that holds you accountable and that holds you in your power. This way, you’ll move past any inertia of old habits and actually suit up and show up to prepare yourself in mind, body and spirit for your true love! 

4. Allow yourself to have some fun with this and make it important enough to put some energy into this Soulmate Journey. It’s the only way to actually manifest what you want.

Love and Trumpets,


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