Trade In Your Fear Of Love For Courage


It takes courage to open yourself up to love again.

One of my favorite words in the English language is courage. Just saying it out loud sometimes moves my soul to actually feel more courageous.

The word courage comes from the Old French definition: “cour” means heart and -age means the period or era. So it literally means “time of the heart!

It takes courage to start to believe that Soulmate Love is even possible for you.

It takes courage to open yourself up to love again.

It takes courage to make yourself vulnerable enough to care again.

And it takes courage to work through and consciously release any bitterness, anger, cynicism or doubt toward men (or women, whatever the case may be).

But all of that is necessary to magnetize in YOUR soulmate relationship, once and for all.

I remember being single and in my serial monogamy phase. I experienced fear, doubt and worry (okay, and a lot of anger and bitterness) many times. Sometimes it felt like I was all by myself (even with friends and family around) in the world- and that I’d be that way forever.

There was many a Saturday night at home alone or worse, going out alone. I can’t count how many times I went stag to parties and gatherings. Ugh! It was painful and humbling. Now, looking back, I wouldn’t trade that time for the world… I learned how to gather up my courage and to be resilient- and that has helped me not only magnetize Johnny in divine right timing, but to be successful other areas of my life.

Getting your courage up to love again is not an overnight process, but here’s some ideas to help raise your courage vibration right away:

1. Know that courage does not mean an absence of fear. Courage is the willingness to move forward in the face of your fear, sometimes with knees shaking and your heart pounding.

2. Name your fear. What specifically are you afraid of? Are you afraid you’ll screw it all up again? That he’ll leave? That your heart will get broken again? It’s important to be clear about what exactly your fear is. Sometimes fear shows up in a wariness or even an unwillingness to try to learn more that will help you get closer to love.

3. Ask yourself what the payoff is for being stuck in fear (or doubt, delay, worry) and then ask what price you’ll pay if you stay here.

4. Collect inspiring stories about people who have succeeded despite great odds. Reread them for courage when the going gets tough. Everyone has tough times; successful people have strategies for getting through them.

5. Ask for help. We all need help at one time or another. Get yourself a Love Coach- seek help from someone who’s been in your shoes and who is now with their true love.

6. Take action to move forward in spite of your fears a little bit every day.

“To overcome fear is the greatest adventure of the Mind.”
-Ernest Holmes, spiritual teacher, philosopher and writer

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