Sometimes the Words Get In the Way

Love, Self

Here’s what I know on your journey to your soulmate:

Sometimes it gets tough and you’re not so “into it” for awhile. Sometimes it’s not so friggin’ easy and is downright scary and your gremlin voice is tearing at your heart and soul telling you that you SHOULD have stayed with that man last year who was good enough or maybe you SHOULD have given that last boyfriend one more chance after he lied to you because now you’re getting old and lonely and you’ll never find anyone!

Yep, that old b***h upstairs can be working on you overtime.

I don’t have all the answers to dealing with this nagging voice, but here’s what I’m doing to deal with mine right now, maybe this can help you when YOUR gremlin pipes up again:

1. I’m stating my truth to others (that would be you) as vulnerable as that makes me feel.
2. I’m praying to my higher power for guidance.
3. I’m taking good care of myself by exercising, eating very well and getting as much rest as possible.
4. I’m just sitting with it all and not talking about it TOO much. Yes, sometimes words do get in the way.

Okay. I’m signing off for now. I hope this helps you on your journey when you get into those darker moments of life.

“Authenticity is enjoying a new sense of freedom to be who you really are – yourself, natural and without a mask.”
-Mike Robbins, bestselling author and motivational speaker

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