River Of Love


Find The One? Nah! BE The One, and you’ll MAGNETIZE THE ONE. THAT’S the truth.

Todays message is infused with love. Look for it. Feel it. Enjoy it. What a beautiful day to be alive!

Find The One? Naaahhhhhh…BE The One, and you’ll MAGNETIZE THE ONE. And THAT’S the truth.

How does YOUR River flow?

I used to think love was a far-off island.

Then I thought it was a tough farm to plow, and work, and develop.

Now I know love is a river, it flows without pretension, without judgment, and easily and freely to anyone and everything willing to step in and get wet.

I know this because I finally gave up looking for love and starting being in love. That, with the intention of being so loving that I would connect with another being, not just anyone but The One who was being loving and wanting to enhance it with me as I was being loving and wanting to enhance it with her.

At various times of the year, summer is no exception, many of us feel bombarded with images of love, couple-hood, and “romance” which sometimes makes us feel hopeful, sometimes happy, and sometimes makes you ache now for what you don’t have and don’t really know how to manifest.

My love message today is simply this. The entire Universe (Spirit, God, Gaia, insert spiritual entity of choice) is TRYING to connect you with love, the Universe first supports our finding love of ourselves by putting it inside of us, someplace we can bring with us anywhere and everywhere we go.

Then the Universe supports us in expanding and enhancing that love by fully and completely supporting our connecting with others with whom to love: family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers… all opportunities to love.

Our modern, fast-paced, consumption obsessed society simply does not support this. It’s not your imagination-the mass media and society in general is NOT supporting your desire for true love. But what IS?

The Universe supports our enhancing of love for ourselves, for others, and for all beings by helping us connect with another being romantically. The Universe is always supporting us in being more loving, in expanding that love with others, and in connecting with another human being in romantic love.

Then, if we choose, in having children, with whom we can practice and perfect even more loving, and be taught even further about love.

Look for love, you’ll find it. Be love, you’ll live it. Look for the infinite ways the Universe is supporting your enjoying more love. You’ll find that too.

“If what you had been looking for was where you had been looking, chances are – you would have already found it.”

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