How To Empower Your Love Life


Stop feeling sorry for yourself and commiserating with your single girlfriends about men.

Maybe lately, you’ve been down in the dumps about your love life and the men you’re going out with (or not going out with). You’ve been doing this “inner work” self-journey for so long, it seems like you’ll never find the right man for you. You’ve even started to wonder if it’s even possible for you. Maybe you’ve worried if you’re fundamentally flawed or broken somehow and maybe just settling for a good enough guy is what you need to do.

Girlfriend, if this is you, put your big girl panties on now. Stop the whining and complaining and feeling sorry for yourself and commiserating with your single girlfriends about men. It’s NOT doing you any good. It WON’T attract your man to you any faster… in fact, your whining and moaning is repelling the AMAZING man that is just right for you! Whiny energy attracts whiny guys. Say it with me: “Whiny energy attracts whiny guys.”

You need to stand in your power and start celebrating the fact that despite whatever you’ve been through in the past, you’re still here.

Remember where you’ve been knocked down before, and how you picked yourself back up again.

Start to claim your power again in your life.


1. Start by making decisions about your life in a powerful way. No apologies for your decisions. Just stand by them 100%. And if you fall? Take 100% responsibility and get back up and dust yourself off, and keep going toward your dreams.

2. Stop blaming others for your problems. And don’t blame the government, the weather, or your sun sign either. All people have problems, it’s how you choose to deal with them that counts.

3. Next, be willing to be uncomfortable sometimes. Nothing great was ever achieved in your comfort zone. When you’re uncomfortable, remind yourself that this is your growing edge, and don’t give up.

4. Sometimes, life is hard. Be willing to have it be hard sometimes.

5. And… be willing to have life be easy. Sometimes, we get so used to it being hard, that we let go of the possibility that life can be easy. Allow the possibility of ease and grace too.

“Consciously and intentionally attracting the *right* person to you, your soulmate, is a MARATHON, not a sprint. It is a process that is not for sissies! So put your big girl panties on (and keep them on), and keep going.”
-Dr. Lara Fernandez

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