A New Life


Life is feeling succulent and juicy and rich and full of new possibilities again

I’ve claimed a new life for myself recently. Now, I believe I already have a wonderful life, filled with meaning and purpose and connection with my family, my friends and general community.

Over the last 6 months however, Johnny and I have gotten clear that we really wanted a change of pace, a new fresh start for ourselves and how we “do” our life- both personally and professionally. We were strongly desiring a connection with water, a smaller town feeling, and to be able to walk to most places in our new location.

We’ve been wanting to slow down and smell the roses, essentially.

Well, we did it! We just moved to a wonderful small town, Benicia, about 35 minutes from where we were living before, Oakland, CA (not to diss Oaktown- I love it!). Our entire perspective and outlook has shifted and you know what? It feels GOOD to have given myself and our family this gift of living 30 seconds from a beautiful waterfront- best backyard ever!

The last two nights here, we’ve been OUTSIDE, walking around and enjoying the water and the local farmer’s market, where the BEST cupcakes ever are sold (www.foxandfawn.com) by none other than a former employee of ours at the chiropractic office! It’s been a glorious re-connection with a lovely person and… YUMMY CUPCAKES! I call them “Frosted Love”.

Life is feeling succulent and juicy and rich and full of new possibilities again. Because I’m feeling lighter inside (maybe the fact that the sun has finally started to shine again here in the Bay Area after a very cold and rainy winter/spring has something to do with it too), I am inspired to connect in new and different ways with others.

Others… like Johnny and Isabelle and friends and family and ….YOU.

Yes, you!

Since this blog is all about YOU- living the life of your dreams, having it all, with your soulmate by your side…please allow me to circle back to the real reason we’re all gathered here together on this blog.

So, now I have a question for you: what can YOU do to change and have a new leash on life in 30 days or less? Take 30 seconds and think of 3 possibilities. Write down the first things that come to mind.

What are the feelings that come up around making these changes? Fear, doubt, worry? Or excitement and enthusiasm? Maybe a bit of both?

Be with those feelings for a minute or two or three. Really feel those feelings. Keep in mind that Fear and Excitement feelings are the same physical sensation in the body.

I invite you to play with these ideas, journal about them, talk about them with the highest vibration amazing friends you know, ACT on one of them or ALL of them. Maybe what you need, like all of us do from time to time, is a new beginning. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to start. It’s a new moment right here and right now.

Remember, the point of power is in the present moment and you deserve to have what you want and be happy- NOW. Claim your dreams- isn’t it time to have your life reflect what you’ve always desired in EVERY area?

Wishing you all the best in life and love,


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