The Magic of Heartbreak (Part 1 of 2)

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Do you know who your soulmate is? Do you know what he or she will feel like when you are with them?

Just like with any other area of your life, you need to be crystal clear to be able to be a magnet for what it is you want. Think about it- if you want are getting yourself ready to buy your dream car, you get a clear vision of the car you want, the ideal color, the make and model, and the performance…. and you get a clear FEELING of how it’s gonna feel when you are driving this dream car, right? And never mind that real-world ACTION you take to get that car, save your money, get your old car ready as a trade-in, drive to the dealership, etc.

It’s the same idea with attracting your soulmate. You must not be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. You MUST create a vision and a feeling of who he is, how you feel when you’re with him, how HE’LL feel when he’s with you, and how is he going to fit into your vision of your dream life.

I’ve met so many people that just chafe against this idea. Over the years that Johnny and I have been teaching our Love Breakthrough Weekend Course (last one in 2012 is next week-why not join us?) and our Love Breakthrough TeleCourses, we’ve had many women come up to us telling us that they would like their soulmate, however they’re going to “leave that up to God” and that it’s all about timing.

Listen, you didn’t leave getting your college diploma “up to God”, did you? You don’t leave maintaining your vibrant health “up to God” and “timing” and then go out and eat a bunch of junk food everyday and don’t exercise, do you? If you have a business, try just doing nothing about it, aka “leaving it up to God”- and see how that works out for you.

Now, I’m not saying God doesn’t have a role in…like…EVERYTHING. What I AM saying is that you’ve been given free will to co-create your life with The Universe. You can sit back and wait, essentially relying on God as your errand boy to bring you what you want, and take no real-world action and make no internal changes…. and you’ll be waiting a long time for your soulmate, a long time for your business to grow, and a long time for your health to improve. A long time as in FOREVER.

What you want to do is co-create with God. Yep- what WORKS to attract the life of your dreams is to “Pray and move your feet”.

“When you do everything you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do.”- Joel Osteen

When I was in my “preparation stage” for Johnny, I started to write out a list of the qualities and the values of my soulmate. I even wrote out what he looked like, but wasn’t attached to the looks aspect of him. I was more concerned with who he was and what he stood for. It took me 2 years of getting clearer and clearer about who my soulmate was and many many edits and refinements, but eventually my list was 12 pages long! YEP!

12 pages long, front and back pages. Detailed.

And you know what? Johnny matched about 98% of my list. And what about the other 2%, you may be wondering? Once I met Johnny, I realized how very little that 2% actually mattered to me.

Do you want to know how I even knew what to write down? Well, there’s a lot to this, but the key here is:

Accept the fact that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and it serves you. Yes- even that awful ex-boyfriend who broke your heart. He taught you something- you learned something from him. Maybe you learned what you DON’T want- that’s actually a good thing…. and I can promise you that there was a blessing in each and every one of your past relationships. Maybe you’ve never looked at it that way before. That’s okay. Start looking for the blessing in your past relationships no matter how awful the scenario. This will start to give you some MASSIVE CLUES as to WHO your soulmate is.

Yes, there’s GOLD and MAGIC in them there heartbreaks, dear lady.

For example, if you married a man who was unfaithful to you and you found out about it and it broke your heart and you were emotionally devastated by it, you just got a CLUE, an insight, about your soulmate and who he is and what kind of man he is!

What do I mean?

You see, your STRONG EMOTIONS (your “negative” and your “positive” strong emotions) tell you everything. Consider them guideposts for the life of your dreams that you are wanting to create. They tell you what your spirit truly wants and doesn’t want. And since your spirit is that spark of the Divine within you- it gives you clues as you move through your life about what- and who- to move away from and towards.

(Want to find out more? Join me next week in part 2 of this article)

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