What Better Time Than Now To Let Love In?


Do you ever think you "should" be at a different place in your life to manifest your soulmate?

Do these thoughts come up for you (or some version of them)?

- I should lose weight and have a perfectly fit and toned body before I attract my beloved into my life.

- I should be more financially stable or have a certain level of income before I manifest my soulmate

- I should just have myself more together before he shows up.


I know these thoughts come up because I had them myself! And I remember clearly the day that shifted my perspective and ultimately changed my life: my love coach told me that MY soulmate would love me just as I am, right now and not to keep putting him off energetically by the “someday I’ll” syndrome.


She made it very clear that a lot of times, the “shoulds” in our lives are really just excuses to put things off because we are afraid. We are afraid or not willing to do the work that needs to be done.


HELLO! That really hit home for me.


My Love Coach made it very clear to keep doing the inner work, raising my vibration by attending personal development workshops and taking good care of myself physically, emotionally, and growing financially.


The minute she told me this, something shifted dramatically in me. It was like a powerful brick had been removed from my heart. I let Johnny in energetically at that moment and with continued growth and guidance everything came together very quickly after that.


Please know that wherever you may be in your life right now, financially, health-wise, career-wise, or socially, you DO deserve to find the love of your life. Just because you exist, just because you were born, you deserve powerful Soulmate Love.


Lots of people learn what we have to share and use it to change their lives, then again some choose to sit at home and pass on our teleworkshops and live events month after month, even year after year. While they have lots of logical reasons, I’m sure, it may just be that they are afraid to let love in.


Our Love Breakthrough material is powerful, and plain and simple – it works, so why wouldn’t someone make a decision to let more love in? In my experience, working with hundreds and hundreds of single women, I believe it’s fear, masquerading as rational and logical reasons to wait. Oftentimes, “waiting” for things to be “perfect” can turn into a lifetime of waiting, frozen in fear, and a lifetime of no true love.


Let love in…a lifetime of love is awaiting you. Move past your “shoulds”, move past any fears, and choose LOVE, right now.


Love is a powerful catalyst for transforming our lives. What greater force for good, what greater depth of emotion exists, what greater gift could one give or receive than love? Some believe that love is our sole reason for being. Our earthly mission is to expand our capacity to love along the way. One of the major tasks we are charged with in our lifetime is to learn to love – to come from our hearts, to lead with our hearts.”


- Bettie Youngs, in her book, Gifts of the Heart: Stories that Celebrate Life’s Defining Moments

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