It's Not About Him, It's About You


"Yes, it’s all about you. Your thoughts and feelings and actions!"

To live your best life with your true love, it’s all about YOU… YOUR peace of mind, your mindset, your vibrational level, your joy. YOU.

I recently read a true story about a woman who was single and sick of it. She had been doing all the “inner work” to magnetize her soulmate. She had read all the books, set up her vision board, and her love altar, she even had her list complete, but nothing was happening in the love arena. The holidays were coming up, she had no man to bring along to parties, and after some thought, she just let go and released it all to the Universe.

New Year’s Eve came along, and she didn’t have a date. She did have a party to go to across town, but it was starting to snow heavily and she was considering not going. One thing she was sure of, was that she was going to take good care of herself before the party and go to the gym early in the eve to get a good workout in.

She got to the near empty gym, hair unkempt, no makeup, grungy gym clothes…ready to just sweat it all out. She got on a stationary bike, started her workout, and before long, a man came up and sat on the stationary bike beside her and asked her if that seat was taken. She glanced at him when she answered yes… “wow! Handsome!” she thought to herself.

Feeling more self conscious about her hair and no makeup situation, she attempted to ignore him the rest of the workout.

Long story short, she never made it to that party. That handsome man started a conversation with her that night at the gym that led them to a first date, a second date and eventually soulmate love and marriage. This happened years ago, and they’re still happily married to this day.

Beautiful story, yes? As you were reading this story, did you feel discouraged or delighted? Did cynical thoughts come up or positive thoughts come up? Just notice what you were feeling as you read the story.

Here’s the truth: if you felt discouraged, deflated, jealous or cynical, that’s a BLOCK to your soulmate ever coming to you. Sorry, but it has to be said. Until you can let go of these negative thoughts and feelings, it’s near impossible for you to magnetize your true love.

If you felt encouraged and inspired and happy for this woman, good on ya! That “vibration” is magnetic and VERY helpful in your magnetizing.

Yes, it’s all about you. Your thoughts and feelings and actions are the magnetizing power that will eventually, according to Divine Right Timing, bring your soulmate to you.

You may be asking me, “Okay, great, Lara. I need to raise my vibration. I get it! But HOW???“

Here’s a few tips we share with our clients:

1. Create a little bit of joy for yourself in every day. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 3 hours, do something that brings you pure joy every single day of your life. Stop and smell the gardenias at the supermarket florist shop. Cook a gourmet meal for you and your best friend. Read a fun trashy novel just because.

2. Hang out with positive people who are supportive of your vision for your life.

3. Get out in nature at least 5 minutes a day (more is better). Walk barefoot on the grass in your backyard or barefoot on the beach. Appreciate the Universe’s gifts to us in the form of sunsets and sunrises, flowers and majestic trees. By connecting with nature, you are connecting with the life force that created us…and that raises your vibration!

Keep the faith. You do what YOU can do, so Spirit will do what you can’t!


“As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.”

-Emmanuel Teney

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