It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Love, Self

Have YOU ever made something too hard for yourself, only to find out that it could have been easy?

 Do YOU have all the tools you need in hand or within your reach to magnetize your soulmate or achieve any other goal, but are just getting nowhere, wearing yourself out and dating the same person over and over in a different body?

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The first step to making it easier is to set your steering wheel gently in the right direction. What do I mean by that?

To get what you want, you’ve got to KNOW what you want. Simple, yes? But not that easy, especially around love!

Take 3 minutes right now to just quickly write out the qualities and values that you know that your soulmate possesses.

Does he like to read books, paint, jump out of airplanes, or write love poems to you? Is he spiritual or agnostic or does he practice a particular religion?

Is he exuberantly expressive about life…or is he quiet and gentle in his happiness?
Does he live in your area…or in a foreign country or another city? Are you willing to move to be with him, or vice versa?

What would it take to have you recognize him when you meet him?

This process starts to set your steering wheel gently in the right direction. When we work with people in our live events, like our Love Breakthrough Weekend, we help you clear away the hidden blocks that keep you from setting your steering wheel where you really want to go rather than where you have already been and are used to.

Doing this practice 3-5 times a week helps you get clearer and clearer about who he is. The clearer you are, the closer you get to him. Keep in mind that your list might change over time, that’s okay! Participants in our LoveLaunch Program say their list changes, but they feel better about it since they’re getting deeper into what it feels like to be with him – and that is your magnetizing power! And our graduates that have already magnetized their soulmate say the clarity helped them recognize their soulmate quickly rather than have that constant wondering wondering wondering.

Just keep setting your steering wheel in the right direction. It’s fun and easy!

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