The 5 Principles to Getting Anything You Want in Life

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ALL successful people use these over and over to create the life of their dreams.

Getting where you want to go in life can be fun…if you follow these principles:

1. Ask better questions. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself. When you decide on a goal, ask yourself: “How can this be easy?”… and allow Spirit to provide you some answers. Just be open to whatever Spirit might send your way and keep asking yourself, “How can this be easy?”…You may be surprised by what will unfold!

Our LoveLaunch clients enjoy the ease and grace that unfolds as they recognize that “effort will be required, but struggle is optional.”

2. Follow the principle of “ACO” which is “Adjust and Carry On.” When you are going toward your goal, you may hit a few setbacks and bumps and even huge obstacles. Take a deep breath, ask yourself the previously mentioned power question, see if you can make adjustments in how you are using your “tools”-and keep going! If you have a strong desire for something, like a soulmate, remember the root meaning for de-sire: Of the Father, from Spirit. Strong and healthy desires are messages from Spirit.

3. Be willing to ask for support. Have you ever noticed you can do a LOT more with the support of others than by yourself? For many people, being willing to ask for and accepting support is one of their biggest issues in life, as if you’re weaker because you get help…or your win just isn’t that valuable if you get support. That’s ridiculous! The world’s happiest and most successful people get support because they are interested in one thing- results- however it comes best.

4. Be willing to do whatever it takes (legally, morally, and ethically) to attain your goal. I have a problem with some of the New Age-y philosophy I read about, where if you try for a goal once, and miss your target, then “maybe Spirit doesn’t want this for me” or “it’s just not meant to be.” What a crock! Sometimes you DO have to “fail” many times to get what you want. Your failures do NOT define you. How you respond to them DOES. It says everything about you. Keep going! Remember… you DO what you can, and Spirit will do what you CAN’T.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”
- Sir Winston Churchill

5. Practice NATO: No Attachment To the Outcome. This means you are clear about your goal, you are practicing adjusting and carrying on, you are asking for support, you are doing whatever it takes to attain your goal AND at the same time as you are striving for your goal, practice having no attachment to the outcome, release it to the Universe. This is a powerful place to come from in your life! When you are practicing NATO you are making a bold statement to yourself and the Universe that your circumstances DO NOT define you, that YOU are an infinite spiritual being and that you will be fine – no matter what happens!

So there you have 5 principles (based on Universal Spiritual Laws) for staying the course in your manifestation of your soulmate, or any goal that you’ve set in your life. Start your own Love Breakthrough NOW. 

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