Have You Forgotten About Tonto? Help Your Love Life Now!

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Give up the “Lone Ranger” approach and remember...even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! Go for love!

As you may know, I’m American. And one thing us Americans tend to value above all else is self-sufficiency and independence (wait, that’s two things... but you know what I mean). I mean, most of us have rebellious pioneers in our DNA and we pride ourselves on being “self-made”- not that there’s really such thing. Nobody is a “self-made” anything... there was a team (even if a team of one other person) of some sort behind the success of one person.

This same mindset tends to apply in relationships. Many women have been brainwashed into feeling shame or embarrassment that they are reaching out for help and support and guidance to help them attract love. Some think it’s like “buying love” or something. Like they’re supposed to magically know how to find the right man without any good role models or guidance for this! Usually our role models for love are our parents and TV shows.... UGH. For the most part, our role models are dysfunctional at best and downright dangerous at worst.

Give up the “Lone Ranger” approach and remember...even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! In other words, no one, and I mean NO ONE has become successful alone. Not in business. Not in sports. Not in a family. Not in intentionally and consciously (as in not depending on Luck) finding true love.

In 2013, if you are ready to to attract your soulmate, you’re going to want to let go of this belief:

Thinking that there’s something wrong with you if you seek help and support and guidance to manifest your soulmate.

This belief can be the very thing that can continually BLOCKS love from coming to you. If you’ve been trying to go about this all alone, well... how’s that working for you?

Reach out. Get support. Go to workshops, take telecourses, do a program, read a book... do all of the above and learn more about this mysterious subject of love and the attraction of it. In the meantime, you will learn lots about yourself and the world and men and you will find a community of people who are on the same path as you. It’s worth every penny of investment, every hour of your time, and the units of energy you put into it. (We’ve got a free video teaching series to help you right HERE) When you learn new insights, new information, new approaches, it’ll change you, grow you, stretch you. You’ll use this new awareness of yourself and new knowledge for the rest of your life... and not just for your love life!

So, you’re gonna want to take on a rebel mindset. The mindset of a woman who doesn’t give a damn about what others think of her. She knows herself and knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to attract it. And if that means learning more about herself and love and getting help doing it, she’s all for it. All she wants is the result. It’s the mindset of champions, it’s the mindset of success. It’s the mindset of someone who really wants to find true love - and will.

Be a rebel. Go for love and let it in. You deserve it. It’ll be the best move you’ve ever made.

Here’s an affirmation to start saying to help you:

“I’m a rebel for love. I attract the divine right support and mentors and teachings to help me manifest my dreams with ease and grace.”

What are you going to DO after reading this article to help you let go of the belief that there’s something wrong with you if you seek help and support and guidance to manifest your soulmate?
Please share in the comments below. I love to hear from you and I do my best to respond to every comment. Here’s to your amazing 2013 filled with self love and soulmate love!


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