Are You Practicing The Right Habits?


If you want love, you’ve got to practice love daily.

Love Is A Habit (and so is wealth)

Every week or so, I receive an email or facebook post asking “when is my soulmate going to show up?….I’ve done the inner work, I’ve cleared my chakras, I’ve done therapy for 20 years, I’ve read every book, I’ve written out my “List”- WHEN will he/she show up??!”

I remember very clearly feeling that way too. Frustrated, doubtful, cynical, and yes, scared it wouldn’t happen for me. I even got to the point where I almost felt like the Universe owed it to me! I had done so much personal and spiritual growth. I’d say “Aren’t years of work enough? Haven’t I paid the price already?!”

To magnetize your soulmate, or anything else in your life, you must vibrate (yes, I said vibrate) at his/her level for him/her to show up. I know this is very high on the “woo-woo scale”, but hang in there with me for a minute.

Basically, if you want love, you’ve got to practice love daily. (If you want wealth, you’ve got to practice wealth daily.)

Practice LOVE daily? How?

One of the daily exercises we suggest in our LoveLaunch Program Workbook is to ask yourself “How am I expressing love right now?”

Can you be loving when you get cut off on the freeway in rush hour traffic after a tense day at the office?

Can you be loving when your best friend isn’t “acting right”- in other words, the way you think he or she should act?

Can you “be the change” by expressing love to yourself and others the way you want your soulmate to express love?

Hang in there. This is exactly the reason we created the Love Breakthrough Weekend soulmate coaching with us personally. Soulmate Love is not a sprint, it’s a marathon where the run can be fun and grueling but “the prize” is even more fun that you’ve ever imagined. Those that are serious about this know that you need a team around you to support you in your higher self and to help keep you inspired, learning, and growing.

Hang in there and don’t just hang out – do something! Your Soulmate is just around the corner – are you moving towards him/her with joy, love, and passionate expectation? It’s a habit. Start now.

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