Five Point Program to Release Worry

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Release your worries and live a happy life! Find out how NOW!

Adapted from “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference” by Norman Vincent Peale

Worry” can be like a thief in the night, stealing your joy, and blocking love from getting in our out. All of our LoveLaunch educational programs are designed to help you live your best life right now. That’s a lot harder if you’re worrying all the time. Practice this five point program, let the worry go and let the love shine in!

Releasing worry is not easy, but a life with greater peace and enthusiasm brings freedom, and the freedom, just like love, is worth the effort.

Five point program to release worry.

Practice carefully listening to yourself. Ouch! Yes, it may not be pretty, may not be easy to take, but its necessary. Listen, appraise, and dissect your own words – what EXACTLY are you saying to yourself out loud and in your head?

Practice honesty with yourself. Ask yourself “Do I honestly believe what I am saying about myself, this person, or this situation or am I just mouthing negativity that I do not really believe at all?”

Fight back! Say the exact opposite of what you just said or usually say. Even if it feels untrue or hypocritical, if you’ve done 1 and 2 you’ve already discovered that you’ve been saying untruths and what you didn’t really mean for a long time – you might as well use it for your benefit now as you come into integrity. You’ll start to feel an upsurge of dynamic enthusiasm as you work this one in your life.

Start an “Honest Results Journal.” Simply be honest about what is now happening in your life as you work this plan. Carefully track your true results in your life. As things go well, record them. Allow yourself to be honest about your results as you move away from the habit of painting everything with the “fear and worry brush.”

Practice putting a positive “spin” on every person and every action each day. It’s a matter of making a decision to evaluate people and situations in a way that is just as truthful as any negativity and suspicion, but when you look for the “positive spin” you’ll be happier, more enthusiastic, more loving, and less worried.

You won’t go blind to reality, just first try to emphasize the best connotation and people and events will often rise to your expectations.

Now, this isn’t an overnight plan, if fully practiced it’ll take weeks, or months even, and can be carried on for life to keep the worry habit away. Have patience with yourself and stick with it. The joy and freedom from worry are well worth it.

Why not start today?

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”
– Mark Twain

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