Does Your Mind Secretly Want You to Stay Single?


If you’re wanting LOVE ,and it’s not coming to you, you may have a Love Blocking Belief...

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places (literally and figuratively) and haven’t found it yet, there may be something going on in your mind that’s blocking Love from coming to you. You see, love is your natural state. It’s your birthright. If you’re wanting it, and it’s not coming to you, you may have a Love Blocking Belief or two or three that’s keeping true love away from you. As the saying goes, “your beliefs create your circumstances”… so let’s start looking at the first of top 3 Love Blocking Beliefs right now (and I’ll continue with the next two over the next two weeks).

Love Blocking Belief #1: I just haven’t gotten lucky yet.

If this is you, you think that finding true love is simply a matter of luck. The problem is, if this is your belief, then you are giving your power away by essentially saying you don’t have any say whatsoever in whether or not you will find the love of your life… that it’s simply up to the winds of fate. This belief does not serve you, honey.

What you need to know is that yes, some people have gotten “lucky” and found love without any obvious effort… but those people are wayyyy few and far between.

Relying on luck in love is like buying a lottery ticket as your retirement plan. You want to be conscious and intentional about this very important part of your life.

One of my favorite sayings is: The harder I work, the “luckier” I get. When it comes to attracting love, maybe I wouldn’t call it hard work, but I sure would call it intentional and focused.

The partnered/married men we interviewed in the Men of Quality Do Exist videos, had something eye-opening about being consciously and intentionally attracted to their sweetheart. You don’t want to miss that!

So…relying on luck? – is this a belief that you’ve been holding? Are you willing to start letting it go and do something different? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you HERE and I do my best to respond to every comment.

Until next week…

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