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How to have an EPIC 2012 where you attract the love and the life of your dreams? Find out NOW!

By now you’ve probably read and heard a lot about how to have an amazing new year. Is it possible that you really need to read another one? YES. Why? Not only because this article is different. Very different. But also, because whatever you are wanting to happen in 2012 you very likely wanted to have happen, at least some version of it in 2011. And so this is where we start.

How to have an EPIC 2012 where you attract the love and the life of your dreams (or at least get a heck of a lot closer!)…and enjoy the process! Here are four “rules of the road” going forward into your 2012.

#1: Love is a BFD.
EPIC is “of heroic or impressive proportions” many times we down play how important love is in our lives, and so we miss out of the BFD LOVE really is, and we play to stay safe (=small), and protected, and end up alone.

#2: Relationships don’t just “end”.
If you were shocked at the ending of a relationship, you weren’t paying attention…to yourself. Does that mean what the other person did was right? Heck no (but maybe it was). But what that means is that in 2012, if you resolve to have better relationships, that starts with you trusting you. Start by stopping that old story of “it just happened”.

#3: “Help” is not a four letter word.
If you’ve done something stupid in dating. If you’ve been hurt in relationships. If you’ve made poor choices, again and again, blamed it on “love” and are now pissed at the situation you are in. It’s okay. Really. That just means you’re over 30 years old and can now begin really growing up. I don’t know what they did to grow up in generations past, but I’m 46 years old, still growing up, and feel like that’s only been really happening for the last 13 years. Getting HELP makes growing up actually happen. If you could have done it all alone, or with your parents relationship role modeling and expert guidance (don’t laugh), you’d be in a different place (a place I don’t know of and I doubt you do). Lets all get over it and grow up.

#4: Awakening precedes the Breakthrough.
We live in, and are a part of an “Instant Gratification Society” - that’s us. You too. You may say “other people” believe in overnight success, instant gratification, and believe in losing weight while you sleep-no exercise involved. Puhleese. I would LOVE some magic beans to help me get into my US Marines Corps fitness level of 25 years ago. And you…what would you like?

Once I allowed myself to awaken to the fact that magic beans aren’t coming and if I want to get in shape I better do something…so I started running. Every day. At 6am. And you know what has changed? Not much, really. It’s not instant. But I feel better, am losing the regret of all the fitness I haven’t done, and am enjoying watching the sun come up along the water as I run back home to the love of my life, Lara, and our wonderful daughter, as my inspirational music pumps in my ears.

So what’s going to be different in 2012? Truthfully, not much. UNLESS you decide that YOU are a BFD, and your love life is a BFD…and you’ll admit that you need to trust yourself more, and begin today…and you grow up and realize help is not a 4 letter word, and know that the awakening precedes the breakthrough.

You could start by getting up at 6am and running. Especially if you haven’t done that for 25 years. Why not now? Why not you?

Here’s to your Epic 2012. May it be a really really BFD.

For your soulmate success,

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