Are You Trying to Learn Like a Man?


The top 5 reasons why attending live events is one of the BEST ways to make a quantum leap in life

#1) The most common model of learning is a masculine model. For women, we need something very different.

You see, men love competition, and if they can get isolated then come out and compete to win, be on top, all the better. Women can do competition, for sure, but we love collaboration and cooperation. In fact, the research is clear that all women and even most men learn better and produce better results when learning and growing in community, with collaboration, and cooperation.

What does that have to do with you and your life? Well, often we feel that we must be alone when dealing with love and relationship challenges, when really we’d do better learning how to handle things better and do better in a community, with expert guidance, and full support. If you have found yourself wishing you could ask a book a question, or skipping over tough parts in the book entirely, that’s natural, you may just be a woman who is in touch with your desire to connect, and LIVE learning would make more sense for you.

#2) Complete Immersion in Your Subject.

When my friend Jamie was in college, she wanted to learn Italian, so she took the opportunity to spend a semester in Italy. She shared with me that by doing that she made progress faster than she’d ever thought possible. They call that learning by immersion, and it’s proven to be one of the BEST ways to learn fast.

Hey, I’m a big fan of home study – books, CDs, and courses – and learning in “bits and pieces.” But NOTHING compares to getting away from your office or home, away from all your distractions and diversions, and spending a few days with teachers and other “students,” and completely focusing and being challenged to learn new ways to expand and grow yourself in whatever subject.

Again, in a community of like-minded people with similar aims, you’ll go farther than you could in “bits and pieces” on your own alone.

#3) A community of people who “get” what you’re up to and are excited about it, and YOU!

I remember walking into a workshop and within five minutes realizing I had many people to talk with who “GOT” what I was doing there! We could exchange ideas, share resources, and support each other to grow and “go for it!” We could encourage each other when we were afraid and feel the pain of past failures together as well. It was a whole new exciting world and I could never go back.

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